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  • Deloraine and Districts Folk Museum

    98 Emu Bay Road, 98-100 Emu Bay Road, Deloraine

    The Deloraine and District Folk Museum was opened as the Family and Commercial Inn in 1864. Today it reflects the life of the country publican and his family. Housed in the extensive garden is a Pioneer Walk where you can view reproduction and reclaimed heritage buildings showcasing the lives, tools and farming equipment of early…
  • Mole Creek Karst National Park

    B12, Mole Creek

    Mole Creek Karst National Park, in northern Tasmania, features richly decorated limestone caves. The Park is 40 minutes west of Deloraine and a short drive from the village of Mole Creek. Mole Creek Karst National Park protects deep limestone caves of superb stalactites, stalagmites and columns, glow worm displays, subterranean streams and cathedral caverns. The…
  • Sculpture Trail - Great Western Tiers

    98 Emu Bay Road, 98 - 100 Emu Bay Road, Deloraine

    The Great Western Tiers Sculpture Trail is a series of sculptures in and around Deloraine, Northern Tasmania. Deloraine is a 30-minute drive west of Launceston (48 km) and a 40-minute drive south-east of Devonport (51 km). The Great Western Tiers form the northern face of Tasmania's Central Plateau, rising up to 1,420 metres above sea…
  • Lake Rowallan

    C171, Liena

    Lake Rowallan is a Hydro Tasmania lake in north west Tasmania. The Lake is a 30 minute drive (25 kilometres/16 miles) south of Liena, past Lake Parangana and the Mersey White Water Forest Reserve. The last few kilometres of road to Lake Rowallan is unsealed. Lake Rowallan offers excellent bush-based trout fishing, with a stocked…
  • Liffey Falls Reserve

    C513, Liffey

    Liffey Falls State Reserve is nestled in the cool temperate rainforest of the Great Western Tiers mountain range in Tasmania's north and is part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Liffey Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Tasmania, along with Russell Falls in Mt Field National Park in Tasmania's south. The…
  • Quamby Golf and Country Club

    1145 Westwood Road, Hagley

    Quamby Golf and Country Club offers a challenging golf course near Hagley in northern Tasmania. The course is a delight and suitable for players of all skill levels. It is a breathlessly beautiful parkland nine-hole course. Its meticulously groomed fairways, tees and greens are adorned by English ash, elms, hornbeams, ancient oaks, massive poplars, cypresses…
  • Yarns Artwork in Silk

    98-100 Emu Bay Road, 98-100 Emu Bay Road, Deloraine

    This large-scale textile treasure has been created in four panels, each measuring three-and-a-half metres by four metres. Crafted by more than 300 local artists, it took 10,000 hours and 200 metres of hand-dyed silk to complete. The artists have employed a number of techniques including embroidery, cross stitch, weaving, patchwork and quilting to create Yarns.…
  • Kimberley Warm Springs

    Warm Springs Rd, Kimberley

    If you’re seeking an indulgent and beautiful attraction that is hardly known by other tourists, Kimberley Warm Springs is for you. This geothermal feature is the result of water surging upward from at least 350m below the surface, into a pool approximately 20 metre by 13 metres in size and about 1.2 metres deep. The…
  • Westbury Silhouette Trail

    98 Emu Bay Road, Deloraine

    Eight exquisite artworks depicting treasured characters of the Westbury community. The characters celebrated are examples of the many inspirational lives that have built the community. Quirky, skilful, stylish, bold and compassionate - they reveal strands of humanity that bind communities and from which all good things grow. Westbury's story is deeply embedded in British colonialism…
  • Villarett Gardens

    789 Railton Road, Moltema

    Experience Villarett Gardens at Moltema, near Elizabeth Town in Tasmania's north. It is the result of the overwhelming passion of two dedicated gardeners. Over the last 31 years Graeme and Linda Chugg have created this sophisticated, stylish contemporary garden. Beginning a garden on the side of a hill with just a few mature holly, beech…
  • Tasmanian Copper and Metal Art Gallery

    8 Church Street, Carrick

    The Tasmanian Copper and Metal Art Gallery is located at 8 Church Street, Carrick, Tasmania. The Gallery features work by Tasmanian metal craftsman Tom Marik. A range of hand-crafted items are on display, crafted from metals including copper, brass, steel and chrome. Each piece is produced on-site, and all are cut, shaped and coloured by…
  • Westbury Maze and Cafe

    10 Meander Valley Road, Westbury

    Westbury Maze is a traditional hedge maze in the historic town of Westbury, Northern Tasmania. Three thousand neatly-clipped bushes at a height of two metres make up the maze, which has a network of pathways more than a kilometre long. Entering the maze is easy - finding the way through to the other side is…
  • Entally Estate

    782 Meander Valley Road, Hadspen

    Entally House is a lovely old house located in Tasmania's north at Hadspen, about 15-minutes' drive (13 kilometres/8 miles) from Launceston. It is named after a suburb of Calcutta, India, and built in 1819 for Thomas Reibey. While he lived there he was reputed to have the most extensive library in the colony. The house…
  • Wychwood Garden & Nursery

    80 Den Road, Mole Creek

    Wychwood Garden and Nursery, Mole Creek, is a stunning example of a beautiful temperate garden. It features unusual plants, particularly those that can withstand heat and frost. The garden and nursery cover around one hectare (2.5 acres) and are nestled under the Great Western Tiers, near picturesque Mole Creek, Northern Tasmania. Wychwood is a leisurely…
  • Devils Gullet

    Off C171, Mole Creek

    Enjoy dramatic views into a deep, narrow gorge. To get there, follow the gravel road 15 kilometres beyond King Solomon Cave near Mole Creek to reach Devils Gullet, on the northern rim of the Great Western Tiers. Nearby Lake Mackenzie is the starting point for walks in the alpine country of Tasmania's Central Plateau.