Launceston City - Top free activities

You’re on holiday – you’ve got a budget, and some days you spend more than you intended. Here are some ideas on how to re-balance the budget justify that splurge you had yesterday!

City Park

City park is an institution for Launcestonians.  Mums pushing prams, children riding bikes, the little train tootling around the trails, picnickers enjoying some space and office workers on lunch breaks.  For so close to the city, this large space provides universal appeal.

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Tiger Bus

Rather than walk everywhere or try to drive and park each time, why not try out the free Tiger Bus operated by the Launceston City Council?  It’s a great way to see places you might have missed, and get around the city without having to worry about parking fines.

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First Basin and Cataract Gorge

You can spend an entire day here lolling about, going for a swim, walking up to Duck Reach or down to Kings Bridge via the Main Walk.  Take your lunch up there for a picnic or splurge at the kiosk, cafe or restaurant.

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Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (QVMAG) Inveresk

QVMAG is located on two sites, the museum at Inveresk is home to the preserved railway workshops and permanent exhibition Tasmanian Connections which reveals a range of stories as told by the Museum’s social history and natural science collections in six striking installations. Open daily with free admission.

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Queen Victoria Art Gallery (QVMAG) Royal Park

QVMAG’s other side is the Art Gallery at Royal Park.  A majestic building standing tall on Wellington Street, it houses a mixture of modern and historic piecesand showcases local talent from John Glover to Bea Maddock and Philip Wolfhagen.  Open daily with free admission.

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