Launceston City - Top postcard photo opportunities

Some of the best photo opportunities happen as you are just driving along – don’t fall asleep on the journey, or you might miss some of the most scenic parts! And always allow extra time to get somewhere, you’re almost certainly going to enjoy the backroad way more than the main highway.

Heritage Buildings

Where to start? There are so many great places to photograph heritage buildings, it almost needs it’s own category! Just drive around the streets and your sure to find some great buildings.  Start with Elphin Road, top end of George Street, Hill Street, anything in East Launceston, Trevallyn or Newstead, and the list goes on.

Monkeys in City Park

It’s easy to lose track of time being mesmerised by the monkeys at City Park, and how scary the similarities are to humans. They all have such great little personalities, you start to feel connected to them just watching. Loads of fun trying to photograph them too.  Enjoy!

Post office clock

This beautiful old post office across the road from town hall makes a great subject for photography. It’s located on the corner of Cameron and St John Streets, Launceston.

Look up

No seriously, take a look above the awnings on the buildings in the city.  The building facades in Launceston are mostly still intact and you’ll be taken back many a year to when they were first built.  If you’re into architecture, get ready for a sore neck.

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