Tamar Valley - postcard photo opportunity

Some of the best photo opportunities happen as you are just driving along – don’t fall asleep on the journey, or you might miss some of the most scenic parts! And always allow extra time to get somewhere, you’re almost certainly going to enjoy the backroad way more than the main highway.

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Brady's Lookout

Brady’s Lookout offers beautiful views over the Tamar River and surrounding areas. Located just off the West Tamar Highway, when you reach the top of the hill you’ll be rewarded with great views and the compulsion to stop.  Do so.

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Batman Bridge

A cable-stayed bridge connecting the East and West Tamar communities. The “Batman” is the only place aside from Launceston where you can cross the river in your car.

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Tamar Wetlands

A unique reserve ten minutes drive from Launceston and a great spot for bird watchers. The wide, level boardwalk of about 500 metres is suitable for pedestrians, prams and wheelchairs (no bikes), and extends over the swamps and crosses the river to two islets and finally Tamar Island. An interpretation centre is open daily and BBQ facilities are provided on the island.

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Narawntapu National Park

The best place in Tasmania to photograph a wombat. Get out there at dusk for the optimum viewing time, however anytime during the day you’ll likely come across wildlife. There’s a spot called Marsupial Lawns – I’m sure you can work out why.


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Tamar River from the East

Take a longer route and go off the East Tamar Highway onto Windermere and Swan Bay. St Matthias Church has stunning views over the river, you can pull up and admire the views from the boat ramp next to the church.

Tamar River from the West

Rosevears Drive on the West Tamar provides fantastic photo opportunities if you can spare a few extra minutes taking the scenic route.

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